No Matter What

November 7, 2005 at 12:19 am | Posted in Murmuring | 2 Comments

Suddenly thought of the fact that I’m gonna take the operation at month end during the shower and my mode dropped from hot to cold.

Still from time to time, I can’t help thinking about this. No doubt that I was scared. This is the first big operation since I could remember. I don’t know why and what I feared since I have my family around me and they will definitely take good care of me. But still, there is sth besides that and I fail to express.

I’ve told myself thousands of times that I should be positive because I have to be faced with that and positive is better than negative. Nevertheless, some silly questions would come into my mind, like “Why this would happen on me as I didn’t do anything bad?” or “Why this happened on me while those who hurted me are living well?”

I’m sure no answer for these questions. Things just come and go in the way they should be. If this is the punishment from my babies, I will never hesitate to take it.

Be strong. No matter what lies ahead, be strong.

You are the only one that can save yourself. 



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  1. Be strong.

  2. 我?试试???以中文留言,看?是?功了。莎,愿你?康快??

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